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A contemporary singer/songwriter known round the globe for his eclectic style and sweet booming vocals, Rufus Wainwright has infiltrated several genres of music in his career, using his theatrical touch to move his music through the years. Wainwright has massive amounts of accolades on the forefront of his resume and now, as if music wasn’t enough, the innovative artist has announced his next musical takeover: the opera. Inspired by the lives of opera stars after watching an interview with American soprano opera singer Maria Callas, Wainwright has delved into the deep realm of opera music to create his own opus Prima Donna. Prima Donna, the tale of a forlorn opera singer and her attempt at reprisal in the opera realm, is set in Paris, France and will be sung in French. Prima Donna will feature soprano Janis Kelly as the lead role Madame, also including soprano Rebecca Bottone, tenor William Joyner and baritone Jonathan Summers.


Originally slated for debut at New York’s Metropolitan Opera, complications arose with the French dialect and performance dates, leaving Wainwright to move the opera’s opening across the pond to England at the Manchester International Festival next summer. With the switch from pop-inspired ballads to opera music, Rufus Wainwright has placed himself among an elite bunch of crossover talent including Gorillaz and, most popularly, the Who and their 1969 opera Tommy. Rufus Wainwright’s opera is highly-anticipated among fans, and even though the talented musician himself will not appear in Prima Donna, his creation of the opera will continue to rope in fans of all kinds.


The idea of Wainwright penning an opera should come as no surprise to the musician’s incredible fans, most of whom know his musical background. Rufus Wainwright was born to folk musicians Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle, raised by his mother in Montreal. Taking an instant liking to music, Wainwright started playing piano at age six and was touring in his mother’s music group by age 13. Coming out as a homosexual in his teenage years, Wainwright often sought comfort in the escape of opera, becoming completely enthralled with performers like Edith Piaf, Al Jolson and Judy Garland in his youth.


Eventually picking the mainstream music realm over the opera, Wainwright got his start thanks to his father’s musical connections, which led to a record deal with DreamWorks and the release of his eponymous debut album in 1998. The musical prodigy provided the vocals for music in soundtracks like Shrek, growing to become an outstanding solo act in the alternative pop/rock realm. Fans with Rufus Wainwright tickets have seen him propel his theatrical and bold singing voice across several stages and venues, as the contemporary singer/songwriter has performed several live acts in his career. Most recently, Wainwright released the albums Release the Stars and Judy at Carnegie Hall in 2007, working since then on his opera Prima Donna.


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